Customized, Tailored Services

We provide individualized care based on your cat’s personality

Keeping it Consistent with Mealtimes

We offer visits at the same time of day every day!

Daily Visit Updates

We use state-of-the-art technology to allow you to request, cancel, and amend reservations

The Cat Sitter

The Cat Sitter is Toronto’s Premier Cat Sitting service servicing Toronto & The Greater Toronto Area. The Cat Sitter is was born to serve the needs of each individual cat. We know you as cat butlers (as cats do not have owners!) have varied needs based on their personality and activity levels. There are no two cats the same that is why we offer varied services from a daily pop in to make sure all is okay at home, extra time for the kitty who loves to play and interact, twice daily visits for those who have special needs for medication or for the social butterfly kitty…we can even stay overnight for those snuggle buddies who love to sleep with you! Whatever you need Toronto’s The Cat Sitter has your kitty covered!

Why Choose Us?

Stress Free

When you choose to keep your cat at home instead of boarding her at a cattery or the veterinarian’s office, your cat will experience less stress by staying in an environment that feels safe and routine. You will also avoid the stress of having to make last minute veterinary appointments to make sure your cat is up to date on proper vaccinations and flea medications, saving you both time and money.

Peace of Mind

When you hire a cat sitter, you are guaranteeing that your pet is most comfortable by being in her own home – with her own litter box – and with her own routine. In addition, you are ensuring that your house is being taken care of, as well. Whether hiring a cat sitter for daily check-ins or overnight stays, having someone regularly at your house will lessen the risk of break-in, robbery, or coming home to a disaster such as frozen pipes.

Personal Butler

Whereas dogs have owners, we understand at The Cat Sitter that cats have staff. Each cat has individual needs and some felines can be picky about how they choose to interact with humans. When you board your cat, these personality quirks are not always honored. When you hire a cat sitter, you can make sure that your social butterfly kitty receives the attention she deserves, while your anti-social cat receives the type of care she prefers.

How we work!


Create Your Online Profile

Tell us all about your kitty! Their likes and dislikes…no such thing as too much information


Request Visits

Select the dates that your furbaby will need us, it’s that easy


Confirmations of Visits

Just like how you booked your trip away, you will receive email confirmation that your visits have been confirmed


Receive Online Visit Journals

After each visit you will receive a detailed report letting you know how your baby is doing along with a picture!



You can talk to your sitter about any questions you may have or if you forgot to mention where their treats are!

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