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The Cat Sitter – What we do!

We understand that leaving pets behind when owners go on vacation or away for work travel is never fun. We are dedicated to making both you – and your pet – feel comfortable and at-ease during your absence. We are a dedicated team of cat lovers who enjoy providing love and care to our clients’ cats when they are away.

At The Cat Sitter it is our priority to provide the type of care that your cat prefers. We understand that some cats enjoy more love and affection than others, and our packages reflect these differences. We are able to provide extra cuddles and playtime for cats that are social and simple check-ins for cats that would prefer some time alone. Our services cover the care of 1-2 cats, and range from 15 minutes to 12 hours in duration. We can keep your cat’s routine as normal as possible by visiting two times per day for feedings, checking in for a quick visit to provide fresh water, food, and kitty litter, or by staying overnight with your cat.

All of our services are booked online, providing you with the ultimate convenience when planning your trip. Our visits are time tracked, and we provide journal updates so that you always know how your cat is behaving while you are away. Each of our cat sitting services also include bringing in the mail, watering your plants, and putting out garbage bins for collection. In addition to your cat’s daily needs like litter box scooping, food, and fresh water we can also provide care for special needs kitties, such as the administration of any type of medication.


Cuddles & Care

If your kitty likes attention and affection from humans we can provide a cuddle session or play time to your sociable cat. Your cat will also be provided with fresh kitty litter, fresh water, and food.


Overnight Stays

Some cats prefer to have people around for an extended period of time and enjoy the constant attention from humans. A cat sitter will stay in your home from 8 PM to 8 AM, keeping your cat company while you are away.


Daily Check-Ins

If your cat is anti-social or does not warm up easily to strangers, but you would like to provide her with extra care while you are gone, a daily check in is perfect for your needs. The cat sitter will change the kitty litter, provide fresh water, and set out a bowl of food, while checking to make sure your cat hasn’t thrown any wild parties.

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