Cats are highly independent animals, which means they require less care than dogs. In fact, many cat owners are able to leave their cats for days on end without feeling the need for them to checked on. For other cat owners, hiring a cat sitter to periodically drop in is more logical. However, problems can arise when using a cat sitter, which will be discussed here.

Car Troubles

If your cat is relying on his or her meals from the pet sitter, what happens if the person’s car breaks down or a medical emergency is experienced? If the cat sitter that you hire is a local teenager or friend, there might not be a backup plan for your cat’s care. When a cat sitter is hired from a pet sitting company, there is usually a plan in place to ensure your cat receives the agreed-upon care, but it is important to know these arrangements ahead of time.

Cat Anger

Cats can be emotional animals at times, and some do not like strangers intruding into their homes. When using a cat sitter it is important to find a person that your cat likes. Otherwise, the cat owner may come home to an angry and sulking cat, one that withholds attention.

Accidents in the Home

When left to their own devices, cats have a way of getting themselves into trouble. Since cats are independent animals, some pet owners only ask that a cat sitter stop by the house once every few days. However, doing so could prevent the cat sitter from discovering the feline in a potentially dangerous situation, such as stuck in a mattress or air vent. Sending a cat to in-home boarding or hiring a cat sitter for more frequent visits can prevent this scenario.

Allowing Someone into your Home

Perhaps the biggest problem with using a cat sitter is the anxiety that is experienced when allowing someone into your home while you are away. Although many cat sitters are completely trustworthy, there is always a risk to your personal property due to accident or theft. It is important to thoroughly vet anyone who will be allowed into your home and ensure the company for which the pet sitter works is fully licensed and insured. To avoid the anxiety associated with giving someone free access to your home and personal belongings, consider in-home boarding instead.