For the best possible health of your cat, it is important that he or she has regular grooming sessions. Here, the problems of grooming your own cat, as opposed to seeking the help of a professional groomer, will be discussed.


Even if your cat loves to be groomed, at the end of the day grooming your own cat can require a lot of time and effort. Leaving this job to a professional is a great way to give yourself more freedom to complete tasks that otherwise are not feasible with a feline underfoot.

Groomers notice warning signs

One distinct advantage of taking your cat to a professional groomer is that he or she will notice early warning signs that could indicate underlying health problems. Since owners see their feline friends daily, they are less likely to catch subtle differences in their cat’s appearance, such as a dull coat, excessive weight loss, an ear infection, or a skin disorder. For many cats, grooming appointments double as wellness exams.

Grooming a Cat can be Dangerous

Unless your cat was socialized to enjoy grooming from a very early age, chances are that your kitty is not a fan of water. Giving your cat a bath can result in scratches and bites, both of which can be dangerous if you have a compromised immune system. Professional cat groomers, on the other hand, are trained to work with cats of all temperaments and know how to avoid being injured if a cat lashes out.

Long-haired cats have Intensive Grooming Needs

If you have a long-haired cat, such as a Persian, the grooming needs are far more extensive than that of a short-haired feline. Professional groomers are more qualified in meeting the needs of these animals, and can do so in far less time than would be required for the average cat owner.

Your Cat Might be Angry

Cats can be moody animals, and sometimes they take out their anger on their owners. If your cat dislikes being groomed, he or she might become angry with you and sulk or withdraw attention for a few days. However, if you have a professional groomer care for you cat, your cat’s anger will be placed on that person, instead.

Professional Groomers have Professional Tools

Unless you are willing to invest a serious amount of money into grooming your cat, it is most economical to take your cat to a groomer if you want your pet to receive the full grooming experience. A professional groomer will bathe, brush, and de-shed your cat, trim or shave hair (if necessary), clip your cat’s nails, clean out kitty ears, and brush your pet’s teeth – all the while doing so efficiently and with the best tools possible.