Services & Rates

Services & Rates

Prices based on 1-2 Cats, All services include taking in the mail, watering plants & putting out the bins for garbage collection.

Social Time – 30 mins $25

This is for the cat with the purrfect attitude who loves cuddles and attention. We will provide fun and love! If your kitty loves to play, well that’s exactly what we will do! We will spend the extra time cuddling on the sofa, playing games & interacting. Fresh water, food and kitty litter change.

Two Social Time Visits per Day $46

For the kitty who has a lifestyle to keep up! Is your kitty a social butterfly and loves to interact? This is purrfect for them. An abundance of TLC will be provided!! Your furry baby will have their visits spaced throughout the day so the time they are left alone is minimal. Cuddles in the morning and cuddles in the evening; your furbaby will be happy and content left in their own home.

Overnight Stays – From 8pm to 8am $75

For those kitties who adore human company and love to have their sitter come and stay with them overnight. Does your cat love to cuddle up on the sofa? Likes to play with their favorite toys? Just all round loves having someone around and all the attention. These Very Important Paws are purrfect clients for our overnight stays. Keep your furry baby in routine and not feel lonely as they will have their sitter come stay while their fur mom or dad are away!


Add On Services

3+ Cats Add on $5 per cat
Administer Medication $5 (oral, powder) $10 (injection)

Holiday Visits Additional $10 per visit.

Special Requests

Does your kitty have any special requests? Let us know and we would be happy to help!

Set Up Your Complimentary Meet & Greet

Let’s Get Started! Send us a message to arrange your complimentary meet & greet with your pet sitter. We will pop by and meet your furry baby and go through their set up at home!